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Educator's Weather Videos

Each correlates to science standards. Most come with a teacher's guide with exercises, experiments, written quizzes, or coloring pages. All of these target specific grade levels and are available by subscription as streaming video, with each video further divided into segments. These programs are produced by Alan Sealls, an educator as well as an award-winning meteorologist and producer. See series previews at the bottom of this page. These videos are distributed by and soon to be available on under the name "Weatherthings". Go to those websites for subscription or purchase detail.

HD- Weather Start 4-part animated cartoon series for grades k-2, available in English, Spanish, Canadian French
Weather and Seasons; The Sun, Heat and Air; Storms, and Clouds; Rain & the Water Cycle
The littlest kids are introduced to the wonders of weather. Each program is 15 minutes
Hands on Weather: Weather Experiments, 19 minutes, grades 4-8
Weather lessons come alive for students in simple experiments and demonstrations.
Hands on Weather II: More Weather Experiments, 19 min, grades 4-8
Over a dozen more experiments and projects including making a wind vane and measuring humidity.
HD- Severe Weather Safety: Watch for the Warning, 23 minutes, grades 3-8
Students and teachers see and learn the basics of severe thunderstorm hazards and how to find safety from threats of damaging wind, flash flood, lightning and tornadoes. Applies to situations in schools, in homes, and outdoors.
HD- Weather Smart 10-part series for grades 3-8. Programs are 15 to 18 minutes
Tornadoes; Thunderstorms; Hurricanes; Climate; Forecasting & Weather Instruments; Heat, Wind & Pressure; The Water Cycle & Clouds; Ozone & Pollution; Winter & Snow; Weather

HD- Water Smart 4-part series for grades 3-8. Each program is 15 minutes
The full picture of water's existence, motion, changes, and value to Earth.
Water in the Air; Water on Earth; Water as a Natural Resource; The Sun, Water Cycle, & Climate
HD- Weather Things: Sun, Air, Wind and Atmosphere, 28 minutes, high school and up
Solar energy; radiation; power; light; sun safety; tanning; spectrum; atmosphere composition;  aurora; ozone; troposphere; stratosphere; thermosphere; gas properties; nitrogen; oxygen; air mass; high pressure; low pressure; density; water vapor; transport; circulation; coriolis; jetstream; regional winds; global winds; chinook; santa anna; eddies; cycles; monsoon.
HD- Weather Things: Water Cycle, Hydrology and Floods, 28 minutes, high school and up
Water; storage; clouds; liquid; ice; ocean; lake; river; dew; frost; vapor; phases; properties; motion; precipitation; flood; hydroelectric; energy; vapor; latent heat; runoff; snow melt; erosion; floodplain; hazards; rain; crystal; snowflake; blizzard; drought; desert; water usage; sleet; graupel; hail; snow; virga; dust storm; probability; chance of precipitation.
HD- Weather Things: Clouds, 24 minutes, high school and up
Classification; cumulus; convection; properties; stratus; formation; advection; heights; motion; fog; visibility; steam; movement; hazards; patterns; mammatus; turbulence; funnel; scud; wall cloud; man-made; condensation trail; vapor trail; contrail; dissipation trail; distrail; hole punch; cirrus; ice crystals; nacreous; noctilucent; view from space; cloud lessons.
HD- Weather Things: Seasons and Weather Cycles, 25 minutes, high school and up
Earth axis; astronomy; sun angle; heat index; extreme heat; hazards; ozone; equinox; myths; leaf change; tropical storm; hurricane; frost; snow; ice; winter storm; jetstream; lake effect; glaze; hypothermia; frost bite; wind chill; tornado; pollen; sea ice; polar vortex; daily weather; patterns; math; sine wave; predict; marine layer; el nino; la nina.
HD- Weather Things: Radar, Satellite, and Weather Instruments, 23 minutes, high school and up
Doppler; dual polarization; frequency; detect; satellite; geostationary; polar; sensors; GOES; channels; infra-red; weather balloon; radiosonde; thermometer; hygrometer; barometer; data; hygrometer; anemometer; wind vane; rain gauge; measure; ceilometer; transmissometer; electric field mill; lightning; calibration; instrument errors; history; forecast.
HD- Weather Things: Lightning and Thunderstorms, 25 minutes, high school and up
Lightning properties; heat; energy; electricity; circuit; discharge; thunder; fulgurite; safety; injury; fatality; myths; statistics; lightning rod; woods fire initiation; pyrocumulus; thunderstorm ingredients; wind extremes; severe; gust; downburst; microburst; watch vs. warning; polygon; shear; derecho; squall line; supercell; wall cloud; tornado; Skywarn; dust storm.
HD- Weather Things: Tornadoes, 25 minutes, high school and up
Statistics; size; motion; pressure; funnel; scud; safety; watch vs. warning; pds; mobile home; waterspout; twister; shear; ingredients; geography; topography; outbreak; alleys; Fujita scale; damage; debris; destruction; fatalities; sirens; shelter; caught on camera; mysteries; storm chaser; tornado safety; safe room; tornado shelter; dust whirl; dust devil.
HD- Weather Things: Hurricanes, 27 minutes, high school and up
Formation; ocean; circulation; wave; disturbance; invest; depression; tropical storm; naming; typhoon; eye; bands; motion; satellite tracking; latitude; longitude; rain; dust; quadrant; Saffir Simpson; wind; pressure; storm surge; damage; supply kit; evacuation; flood; shutters; data; tools; sensors; hurricane hunters; radar; models; forecasting; cone; benefits; myths.
HD- Weather Things: Atmospheric Optics and Sky Sights, 21 minutes, high school and up
Physics; refraction; reflection; diffraction; dispersion; scattering; aerosols; blue sky; spectrum; crepuscular; folklore; rainbow; primary; secondary; supernumeraries; forecast; water droplet; halo; ice crystal; parhelia; parhelic circle; sun dog; circumhorizontal; arc; coronas; glory; aurora; solar wind; snow; mirage; scintillation; oblate moon; blue marble; density.
HD- Weather Things: Climate and Climate Change, 25 minutes, high school and up
Zones; air mass; climate vs. weather; fronts; climate change; natural causes; sun; tilt; orbit; history; anthropogenic; cirrus clouds; albedo; aerosol; transpiration; aquifer; carbon dioxide; emissions; fossil fuel; global warming; isotopes; projections; land; sea; methane; nitrous oxide; climatologist; data; glacier; ice; core; sediment; trees; climate models; misconceptions.
HD- Weather Things: Meteorology is Weather, 28 minutes, high school and up
Weather &. climate; CO2; global warming; seasons; air mass; sun; air; water; pressure; wind; precipitation; hydrologic cycle; fronts; instruments; storms; flood; hurricane; typhoon; tornado; thunderstorm; blizzard; safety; meteorologists; atmospheric degree programs; data; forecasting; broadcasting; certification; optics; clouds; extremes; patterns.
HD- Rip Current Safety, 14 minutes, 3rd grade and up
Oceanography; meteorology; swim; safety; current; water; rescue; lifeguard; rip; drown; beach. The science of what, where, and how of rip currents. Emphasis on avoiding rip currents and learning safety from these killer currents on beaches.
HD- Wildfire Safety, 22 minutes, 3rd grade and up
Fire; safety; burn; prescribe; manage; control; ecosystem. How, when, and where wildfires happen, with a focus on safety. Wildfires impact human, animal and plant life. Tremendous dollar and human resources go into fighting wildfires.
HD- Hurricane Sandy. The Meteorology, and the Impact on Society, 11 minutes, 4th grade and up
Hurricane; tropical storm; superstorm; destruction; death; society; storm surge; category 3. What led to the unique path of Hurricane Sandy and why it had such a large impact, as the second most-costly hurricane to hit the US in modern times.
HD- Hurricane Katrina. The Meteorology, and the Impact on Society, 11 minutes, 4th grade and up
Hurricane; tropical storm; destruction; death; society; storm surge; category 5. The causes of the extreme power of Hurricane Katrina and why it took so many lives, as the most costly hurricane to hit the US in modern times.

HD- Hurricane Matthew. The Meteorology, and the Impact on Society, 12 minutes, 4th grade and up
Hurricane; tropical storm; flood; drown; destruction; death; storm surge; category 4. The science behind Hurricane Matthew and the impact it had on 4 countries, with hundreds of deaths in Haiti, and extreme flooding in the US.

Hands on Weather series, grades 4-8, sampler


Weather Smart series, grades 3-8, sampler

Water Smart series, grades 3-8, sampler

Watch for the Warning, grades 3-8, sampler

Weather Start series, grades k-2, sampler

Weather Things series for high school and up, sampler

Rip Current Safety, sampler

Wildfire Safety, sampler

Hurricane Sandy- The Meteorology and the Impact on Society, sampler


Hurricane Katrina- The Meteorology, and the Impact on Society, sampler

Hurricane Matthew- The Meteorology, and the Impact on Society, sampler

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